The exception to the rule

Yesterday I finished Breaking Bad. Yeah, a little late, right? But, you should know that, although I love watching TV series, I usually don't see them when everybody does. Why? I don't really know, I just... Always, even when I was a preteen, I swim against the current like a salmon.

Anyway, Breaking Bad. I must say, the finale let me very satisfied. Well, my "perfect" ending was Jesse killing Walt but there was no way that could happen because the kid loves Mr. White, nonetheless.

I'm relieved that Jesse's still alive because my favorites characters always die. Almost. Until now, Jesse and Chibs (from SOA) survived and that is a thing, I mean it! Just to mention a few: Snape, Spike (I only watched Buffy's series, not Angel), Juice, Newt.

Oh Ra, Juice.

I suffered A LOT with the death of Juice. I cry over every time I recall it: "He's dead and his body was abandoned in Stockton".

And Jesse reminds me Juice so much. Definitely, they are similar characters and I didn't want that ending again. Not to Jesse.

So, now you maybe understand why I'm so happy with Pinkman release. Even if it's sad at the same time because he's psychologically broken. I'm happy because Jesse's the exception to the rule.

My favorites characters always die? No, not Jesse and not Chibs but this post is about Pinkman, bitches.