Why fanfictions?

Well, why not? I love reading them and sometimes, writing them. In the past I wrote more frequently but now I don't have the focus to do it (yeah, today I'm obsessed with one relationship and next day that's off). So, I spend a lot of my time reading what another person wrote.

2004. I was a 14 years old teenager and Beyblade is on TV. It's THE anime of the moment and even have a sticker album (oh, the childhood). One day I was surfing the internet, searching about Beyblade (yeah) and suddenly I found a Kai Hiwatari/Rei Kon's fanfiction.

I don't know how I ended in that page but I was there so I read it. And I loved it... The story made sense. In my little head, that relationship worked.

That's how I started to read fanfictions (and I met Yaoi).

Rapidly I joined to Fanfiction.net, Amor-yaoi, SlasHeaven and most recently (too late, I must to say), the fanfiction's paradise: ArchiveOfOurOwn.org. There I found all sorts of pairings. ALL SORTS. And I celebrate that because I frecuently like the less popular ones.

If you have never read a fanfiction, I invite you to do it because your fantasies have a place to become real ;)